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December 31, 2009

One of Owen’s gifts in his stocking at Mimi’s house was a Sponge Bob foam “shaving kit”. Christmas night he *had* to take a bath to use it. The funny thing is that he knew just what to do. Silly boy. Oh course I took pictures and this sequence makes me laugh. I though it was a good way to round out 2009.

Christmas Recap – 2009

December 27, 2009

Obviously it’s been a busy December getting ready for the holidays as you can tell from the lack of blog posts… but it was worth it. We had another fantastic Christmas. It was filled with family, good food, lots of fun, and of course the wonder of the holiday in the boys faces. The pure excitement they have for Santa and the wonder in their eyes is just awesome.

We started off the holiday in our traditional fashion – Christmas mass with Grammy and PeePaw Thomas. Didn’t the boys look oh so cute in their outfits!

The boys must have been so excited for Santa to come that they couldn’t sleep. They were up around 6:15am. It’s the first time we ever started to open presents before the sun rose.

Owen was really into it this year and found all the presents with his name on it and went to town. He even would hand presents to Benny with is name on it, but Benny wasn’t really into opening gifts. He just wanted to check them all out after the paper was off.

Little did we know the “hit” gift this year would be bowling. They LOVE this toy. They have played with it more than anything else.

Owen was also very excited to get the one big gift he asked Santa for. Spin and Fix Thomas. I even got a big kiss he was so happy.

Maxie, as usual was right in the thick of things. She loves to check out the presents and be right in the middle of the excitment as Christmas morning unfolds.

After we were done opening gifts we had a fun filled day playing with all the toys and games. The Triple Track Raceway was another big hit with the boys, especially Benny, and Owen was having fun playing Hungry Hungry Hippos and Candy Land. Mike is super excited he’s finally at the age he can play board games.

Owen’s big gift this year came from his Mimi and Pop Pop. An iPod Touch. Yes, you read that right… my 3 year old got his own iPod Touch. He loves his Daddy’s and his Mimi’s and plays games on them all the time. You should see this kid navigate his way around that thing. They have a great selection of toddler apps on iTunes which you just download right to the iTouch. So, instead of a Leapster in which we’d have to cart the handheld system and all the games, he now has his own iPod to play games. He’s in heaven.

We also decided that from now on Christmas day is going to be Pajama day. For the second year in a row we just relaxed in our PJ’s all day and it was fabulous. Just wonderful. It was just what Christmas should be for kids. At home, relaxing and playing with your gifts from Santa.

We hope you too had a wonderful Christmas with family!

Meet Christopher… our “Elf on the Shelf”. This is a new tradition we started with boys this year. The “Elf on the Shelf” is a helper from the North Pole that keeps an eye on little boys and girls during the day and then at night, he flies back to Santa to report if they have been naughty or nice. The Elf arrives back at your home the next morning for the child to find. It is suppose to make sure your kids stay on their best behavior so Santa visits on Christmas Eve.

The “Elf on the Shelf” comes with a book that tells all about the Elf and what his job duties are. Our Elf arrived on Thanksgiving and Owen had the pleasure of naming him. When we asked him what he wanted to name him he said “I don’t know” so we came up with a list of various names and let him pick.

Owen’s very intrigued by Christopher. We had been telling him in the weeks prior to Thanksgiving that the “little elves” were watching him. When he saw one for real on Thanksgiving day he was shocked. He totally believes. He kept saying, “The elves are watching me. Christopher is staring right at me.” Last weekend he spent the night at my mom’s house and she took Christopher with her. When he saw him at her house he said, “Mimi… Christopher flew all the way to your house. How did he know?”

We put Christopher in a new spot around the house each night and the first thing Owen does when he wakes up is to go find Christopher. It’s really cute. As for how it’s affecting his behavior… so so. He’s been good most days, but he still has his moments. Usually as soon as you tell him “Christopher is watching” he straightens up.

Benny is too young to understand, but next year he should be able to partake in the fun. I’m so glad we decided to do this. It’s making a lot of new memories for the holidays.