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Fall into Love

November 18, 2009

I like to try and take pictures of the boys each fall because I’m a sucker for outdoor photos with leaves. Well, 2 weeks ago it was gorgeous weather and I knew I wanted to try and get some photos of the boys for Christmas cards so we ventured to the park. I was shocked that I got so many I love. I even got two good ones of the boys… TOGETHER.

Here are some of those favorites. BUT… the ones I’m using for the card will have to be a surprise. I want family and friends to look forward to getting our card this year. It’s going to be super great. Doing something a little different than the usual! =)

Disney on Ice – Celebrations

November 13, 2009

Last Saturday my mom, Jenny and I took the 4 boys to see a Disney on Ice show at the GIANT center. This was the first time we’ve taken the little guys (Benny & Roman) to a show like this.

It was a cute show all about celebrations throughout the year… birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Summer Vacation, Spring Time, etc. Owen and Alex loved it and were so well behaved. The little guys were really into parts of it, like the dancing brooms from Fantasia, but other parts were a little too drawn out and didn’t hold their attention. We’ll probably wait until they are a little older to take them to another.

Thanks, Mimi for a nice afternoon. We had a good time!

And excuse the poor pics. I’m on the hunt for a new point & shoot camera so I don’t have to lug my 40D everywhere, especially at an event like this with 2 kids in tow. I thought I found one I like, but nope. It went back. Onto the next on my list.


November 6, 2009
  1. Yes… I’m doing my list on a FRIDAY b/c it’s been so hectic around here that I’ve missed Tuesdays. Plan to read and see A LOT of “catch up”.

  2. Benny was supposed to start school last week, but he got sick. Grammy Thomas came to the rescue. She spent the week with Benny and was a total life saver. He really enjoyed the quality time with his Grammy and we are so grateful she is able to be there for us when we need her at a moments notice so we don’t have to use our sick or vacation time at work. It’s so nice and reassuring to have such wonderful family.

  3. Benny’s feeling better so he started school on Monday. It’s been rough. On Benny and Mommy. We basically just turned his world upside down and took him from his strong sense of comfort and safety… HOME.

    The first day drop off was OK. He ran to check everything out and was generally happy – then the tears started to flow and the lip started to turn when he saw us leave.

    Day 2 he started to cry when we turned the corner to get to his room. I took his coat off, gave him his binkie and blankey and the teacher took him. Tears were still flowing, but he looked like he was starting to calm down.

    Day 3 was HORRIBLE. He started to cry and scream the minute we walked in the door. He had a look in his eyes like “PLEASE don’t leave me. I need my Mommy”. He was in full blown tantrum mode at this point which is rare for him. God bless his patient teacher. She held him and talked to him until he was settled and ready to start his day.

    Day 4 was better. Just a few tears and he went to his teacher with open arms when we left (he was still crying though). I think he’s starting to build trust in her but he’s still unsure about the whole thing and this new place called school. For example, Thursday was picture day and he was too worked up to even have this picture taken. =(

    Today he once again cried as soon as we pulled up and it turned into a minor tantrum when we entered his room. He’s teacher took him and I handed him his blankey and he started to calm down. The tears had almost ended by the time I left which I guess is a good sign.

    Luckily a few minutes after we leave he calms down and he has a good day – so I’m told. He won’t eat his veggies or fruit at lunch (not a big surprise) and he loves playing outside. I guess it will just take time for him to adjust. I think it’s a good thing for him though. He needs to know life outside our house and family.

  4. In preparation for Halloween, and just to do something new and different, I made some trips to AC Moore to get a few crafty things for the boys and I to do. I felt guilty for not doing more artistic things with them and I was jealous of all the wonderful “kid art” my co-workers had at their desks. I wanted some “kid art” from my own kids so it was time to get our craft on.

    Owen loved it, but I was shocked to see how much Benny enjoyed it. I put some glue on cardstock and he went to town gluing his fishes and cray paper.

  5. Now that Benny is at school he sleeps on a mat and he eats at a table. Big steps for him b/c until now he’s only slept in a crib (or pack-n-play) and eaten at a high chair. SO, Wednesday night it was time to say bye-bye to the high chair tray and push Benny on up to the table to eat with the rest of the family. Now I get to see this across the table when I eat and it makes me smile.

  6. We can’t put the high chair tray away for good though. Turns out Benny has realized it makes a fabulous train table.

  7. Mike is doing well being back in the working world. His job can be boring at times, but I was happy to hear that he feels he’s good at what he does. This is big for him. Or at least it’s a BIG deal to me to hear him say that.

  8. The one thing I love about Mike being back at work is that we work at the same place and eat lunch together everyday. Some would think that it’s “too much” or ask “don’t you need your space?” Well, life at home is so hectic, especially dinner time, so it’s nice to sit together for 25 minutes and be able to eat and talk in peace. Not that we don’t love the boys, it’s just nice to have this time for us b/c when we walk through that door at 5 there is little time for us to “hang out” because we’re each juggling things like making dinner, giving baths, etc.

  9. Last week at school, Owen got the “Color Can”. It’s a big tin can that one kid a week is given to take home and they have to fill the can with as much stuff as they can in their chosen color. The next day you bring the color can back and during sharing time, after PM snack, you get to show all your school friends what you put in the can. Owen picked yellow because it is his Grammy’s favorite color.

    Well, Mike and I were fortunate enough that we got down to the daycare just as Owen was getting ready to share his items in the Color Can. They have a “good-bye” window in which parents can look in without the kids knowing. Mike and I stood at the good-bye window and watched the entire thing and it was awesome. Not many parents get to see the things their kids do at school each day and we love the fact we get this opportunity. We also love that we can go and see him at any point in the day. We try to get down at least once a day to say Hi and give hugs or just read him a book. He doesn’t like us to stay long though. He’ll tell us to “Go back to work” =) I just LOVE LOVE LOVE his school. I can’t wait until we can get Benny in too.

  10. OK – well this ended up being WAY too long, but I had a lot to share and I wanted to make sure I documented it so I don’t forget. Hence what I love so much about these lists of 10. Jotting down the little things to look back on. I mean this blog is my boys scrapbook. =) Gotta make it good.