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Trick or Treat 09

October 30, 2009

Well – Trick or Treat 2009 has come and gone. It was a little bit of a whirl wind this year because it was rush rush to get home from work, get the boys dressed and take pictures all before 6PM. But we did it. Here is our Hamburger and our little monkey.

We worked hard with Benny to teach him “Trick or Treat” and he was doing awesome. But, when we’d go to houses all he wanted to say was a cheerful “Hello”. It was a little hard with both boys. Owen was so excited he’d run to the next house but we had to keep telling him to wait for this brother. Next year when Benny can keep up it should be a blast.

Owen was very nice and polite and excited to get candy when greeted by our neighbors at the door. Benny just wanted to go inside the houses. As one person put it…”Curious George is pretty curious!” And yes he was… when we put the treat bowl outside for trick-or-treaters he was all inquisitive about what was inside.

All in all it was a good evening. When we got home Owen was digging through all his candy and next to lollipops, he was most excited about one of the treats we passed out that he put in his bucket before we left… DOTS!

And just because it was super cute… Benny was suppose to be a tiger, but the costume was really small in the torso and pulled. The neck didn’t even meet the hat like it was suppose to. There was no way we could put him in clothes and his costume (pics below are just his diaper underneath 4 weeks ago and you can see it pull between the legs). So we had to go to option B… something cute and warm. The monkey worked out well since it was tad chiller than normal and he has a cold.

Lazy Sunday

October 24, 2009

Last Sunday we were blacked out from the Steelers game. Yeah… not cool. See, the NFL thinks that because we live closer to Baltimore than Pittsburgh that we should be Ravens fans; therefore, the local CBS station is mandated to play the Ravens over the Steelers if they are playing at the same time. Yep… totally STINKS! We don’t have Sunday Ticket, so Mike went to the sports bar to watch the game and I stayed home with the boys. Turns out I had more fun than watching the game!

The boys and I had a great lazy Sunday afternoon.

Benny took a nap with Maxie.

Owen sang me songs and posed for the camera.

Benny was a crack up during lunch.

I got to witness the true, unconditional love between a boy and his dog. He even counted her toes and held her hand. =)

And of course, we played trains. Lots and lots of trains. It wasn’t until recently that the boys actually started to play with one another so I needed to get this moment captured in case they start to hate each other again. But, their love for Thomas (and running in circles in the house) has brought them closer together.

Big Changes

October 21, 2009

I missed Ten on Tuesday yesterday, so here is a list of the ten big changes in our family….

  1. Mike is going back to work full-time. His part-time night shift was eliminated so they offered him a full time staff position on the day shift. He starts next week.

  2. We went back and forth about what he should do, but the boys are at an age where they should be OK in daycare/preschool all day and it’s better to take this opportunity now b/c in a few years it might be even harder for him to get a full time position after being out of the workforce for five years.

  3. We were able to get Owen in the daycare where we work. It’s top notch and right in our building. O will be on the 2nd floor, Mike on the 3rd and I’m on the 4th.

  4. Benny’s age group was full at the daycare at work, so he’s going to attend the center Owen went to before Mike became a stay at home dad. He’s at the top of the wait list for the daycare at our work due to sibling priority, so as soon as something opens up, the spot is his. It will probably be a year but I’m hopping sooner rather than later.

  5. We’re excited to finally all be on the same schedule. No more going into work at night for Daddy and Mike can get to bed at a normal hour. Plus, we can now watch our favorite shows together! =)

  6. Owen started at his new school on Monday. He’s doing OK. It’s a big change for him to be away from home everyday and he has to follow structure, listen to authority and learn to share with other kids – all which he needs. It’s not the same as doing what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it at home. He’s having a hard time with sharing, waiting his turn and following the rules, but I’m hoping he picks it up soon and it’s just a sign of the transition and not that I have crappy parenting skills.

    Here he is bright and early at 7am before leaving on his first day. I thought it was cute that he gave Maxie a kiss goodbye.

  7. When we go to work in the morning we have to cross a bridge. As we go across O says “We’re going to the Big City, Mama!” Then as we walk across the catwalk from the parking garage to the building he says “WOW, Mama. You can see the Big City from up here.” It’s just a street, parking lot, and train tracks but he thinks it’s so cool to come to work with Mommy in the “Big City”.

  8. One thing Owen does not like is being woke up in the morning. He’s not a morning person and pulls the covers over his head because he wants to go back to sleep. If he is this bad at three, imagine what he’ll be like as a teenager.

  9. Owen tugged at my heart strings last week. Whenever I’d tuck him into bed he’d say “Mama, this is my last week with Dada.” We didn’t tell him that, he must have heard us talking. I asked him if that made him sad and he said no, he was excited about going to school all day. Then tonight, Mike asked him what his favorite part of the school day was. His answer: “Coming home.” When we asked why, he said, “Because I love my family.” Ahhhhhh. Major tugs at the heart strings and a tinge of Mommy guilt from taking him away from his home and family each day, but I know he needs this and he will enjoy it.

  10. Benny starts at his school on Monday. I’m a little a lot nervous for him. He’s never been cared for by anyone outside of family and close friends, plus he’s had a slight cold for the past 2 weeks so he wants to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy. BUT, we know this is going to be good for him. He needs to know there is life outside our house and it will give him a jump start in learning the things Owen is now lacking… structure, routine, and socialization. I know it’s going to be harder on Mommy and Daddy than it will be on him.

Pumpkin Patch 09

October 13, 2009

We carried on our Columbus Day tradition for the third year in a row and took the kids to Ashcombe Farm’s pumpkin patch festivities. Grammy & PeePaw Thomas, and our niece Abby who was in from Ohio, decided to join us. The kiddo’s had a blast. They went down the hay slides more times than we can count, got a total kick out of the haunted tunnel, drug around in the corn sandbox, ran through the children’s garden, enjoyed the horse drawn hay-ride, and played drums on the pumpkins.

I look forward to this every year because the kids have such a great time. It was especially neat to see Benny there this year because last year he was just a little tike who was crawling. What a difference a year makes. He totally held his own with the big kids. That’s my boy!

And sorry for all the pictures. I had so many good ones it was hard to pick just a few!

10 on Tuesday

October 6, 2009
  1. We heard a sweet story from Owen’s preschool teacher on Monday. I guess there is a kid in his class who is having a hard time when his mom leaves and he cries. Owen went up to his classmate and asked him “Are you sad because you miss your Mommy?” The little boy said “Yeah.” Owen then proceeds to put his arm around his shoulder, pat his back and say “Don’t worry. It will be OK.” What a kid we have. Such a sensitive little dude.
  2. Thursday nights have become a new “family night” because the boys like to watch the “Jungle Show” (aka: Survivor) with us. We snuggle up and watch the tribes do their thing. I think they like the music and bright colors of the islands. Benny usually doesn’t make it through the episode, but it’s nice to have this new thing we can all enjoy together.
  3. Popcorn – it’s the new snack of choice. The boys come running when it’s popping in the microwave. It’s now a staple when watching TV, especially Sunday football.
  4. Pumpkin Fest is this weekend! Whoo Hoo… pumpkin funnel cake here we come!
  5. The nice part of working for a quasi-state agency is that we have off on Federal holidays which means on Monday I’ll get to spend the day with my family at the pumpkin patch. Thanks, Christopher Columbus.
  6. Owen made a lady’s day last week. We were at Costco’s check out and he decided to reach into my purse and pull out something that only mommy’s need, if you get my point. Well, he holds it up for everyone to see and says “Mama, what’s this.” The lady in front of us said, “I was having a bad day and needed a good laugh. That did it.”
  7. Why we are on the topic of embarrassing stories, I might as well throw this one out there too b/c it’s too good to forget. At the yard sale last weekend, Owen went inside to go potty. Well, he didn’t pull his shirt up all the way so when he went potty, it hit his shirt, ran down his legs and all over his pants. We didn’t know this at the time until a customer at the yard sale points to the front porch and says, “I think he needs some help.” I turn around to see Owen, standing with no pants on, no underwear on, just this shirt and shoes on the front steps. I was like OH MY GOSH! We were laughing so hard. I scooped him up, took him inside and got him all cleaned up. The sagas of 3 ½ year old little boys.
  8. Benny sprained his ankle on Saturday. He was going down the three steps to the family room, then all the sudden he stat down and cried. We had no idea what happen b/c he didn’t fall, but we knew something wasn’t right. When he tried to walk, he couldn’t take a step. Mike checked him out. He poked, prodded, twisted and squeezed and Benny winced when it came to his left ankle. It didn’t swell or bruise, but he’s finally walking without a limp. Thank goodness. Seeing a little 19 month old limp is so sad.
  9. Note to self: Don’t leave a half eaten jello cup within reach of a toddler (and forget about it) or your husband will want to ring your neck for the mess he had to clean up while mommy’s at work. SORRY MIKE!
  10. And because I try to include pics when I can… Benny’s future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades.

    Benny in shades

    Benny in shades