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More Firsts

August 30, 2008

I guess Benny didn’t get my memo when I told him to slow down on growing up so fast. In addition to crawling, over the past week he has:

1) Got his two bottom teeth
2) Finally started to sit up on his own without putting his hands on the floor
3) Started to pull himself up on his knees in his crib, so we had to lower the crib mattress.

He also tried Puffs and LOVED them! It’s a good thing we have a stash of them from Grammy Thomas because I have a feeling we will be getting Puffs out for him more often.

Here comes the broken record again, but dang… this baby’s first year is going WAY TO FAST!!

Just because

August 28, 2008

I had a mini photo shoot with Ben yesterday and here is one of my favorites. Thanks Mom for your help! Now she fully understands how hard it is to take pictures of a mobile baby!! I’m totally kicking myself in the butt for not taking full advantage of him as a photo subject before he began to crawl.

Lots to Report

August 25, 2008

We officially have a crawler as of Saturday morning!! The inch worm has ended and Ben is fully crawling around. This is a whole new world for us because Owen didn’t crawl until he was about 10 months old!

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I’ll admit it, Mommy is REALLY SAD Ben is crawling already. He totally skipped my favorite stage of the first year when babies will just sit on the floor and play with toys (he still isn’t sitting up well on his own yet). I was so looking forward to that ever since I found out I was pregnant again, but I’ll never get to experience that stage with Ben. Plus, during that phase they make fabulous photo subjects because they can sit, but aren’t mobile and agile. The little bugger just seems in a hurry to grow up fast. Not only did he go from itty bitty to a beast of a baby by 2 months old, now he is the size of a 10 month old with the mobility of a 10 month old. Oh well… at least he is SUPER pleasant and happy so I can forgive him…the fact he is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen helps too.

He’s healing very well from his surgery. The first night after he had his bandages off was rough. It was the first time ever in his life he had us up multiple times. He just couldn’t get comfy and was in pain. Everyday gets better. He still has some problems sleeping at night, but over all he’s doing great. And the pee pee bug is working properly because he’s squirted up on us a few times now. =)

We had a GREAT GREAT time on Sunday. We made an impromptu trip to Knobels again and met Grammy and PeePaw Thomas. Owen had a blast! He rode so many rides and was so well behaved. Ben enjoyed some time out in the fresh air too. He needed it. We ended the night by meeting my friend Andee, her husband and their son to watch fireworks by our house. It was a wonderful day.

Olympic Diving

August 22, 2008

Owen’s been enjoying watching some of the Olympic sports. He likes the track events. When the runners get in the block he yells “Set, GO!” and as they run will yell…”go, go, go, go, GO! They are fast.”

But the icing on the cake of Olympic events for Owen is diving. He thinks it’s hysterical. My mom told me he was laughing up a storm when the synchronized divers were on last week, so I turned on the Women’s platform tonight. This is his reaction when they jump off and hit the water. PRICELESS! I’m telling you… this kid has been pure entertainment lately.

And no, he doesn’t have a boo-boo on his arm. He discovered the band-aids and wanted me to put them all over him. After 3, I stopped. It’s amazing what things 2 year olds find interesting.

Silly Old Bears

August 20, 2008

The boys get more and more fun everyday!

Owen is starting to become very silly and interactive. His new favorite thing is to sing. He likes to sing the theme song of the “Wonder Pets” and “Wow Wow Wubbzy” with you and when he asks for Batman fruit snacks he sings, “Da Da Da Da Da Da – BATMAN”. I even caught him in his room on Sunday singing “Handy Manny” as he played with his tool bench.

Another new favorite is “This little piggy…”. My mom taught him this, so now he’ll come show you his feet and say, “This piggy went to market.” It’s so funny.

Oh and HUGE HUGE news in the world of Owen… he is BINKY FREE!! That is right – it’s been two weeks since he’s used his binky last and he hasn’t asked for it once. We wanted to toss it at 2 years old, but thought that wasn’t a good idea with a new baby who had a binky coming into the house at the same time. So we caved and let him keep it longer. We were going to toss when he turned 2 1/2 but we didn’t have to. He let go of the habit himself. Horray! One less battle for mom & dad!

Ben’s also become very fond of the bouncing Tigger and crawling Pooh. He will squirm across the floor to get to them and he gets the biggest kick out of Tigger bouncing and singing his song. I also think he’s taking crawling lessons from Pooh Bear.

And finally… just because he’s GORGEOUS and getting too big too fast. Just look at those eyes. I couldn’t decide between color or black & white so I’m posting both.

Surgery Update

August 16, 2008

Ben did awesome. He didn’t cry once, not even when he came out of anesthesia and they told us that 9 out of 10 babies will cry when coming out of anesthesia. He smiled and cooed at the nurse. They loved him and wanted to keep him. I can see why! =) We’re so so so so blessed to have such a happy, easy going baby. Just see for yourself… he was enjoying the new scenery and digging his new outfit in the pre-op room (I had my point & shoot camera in my bag).

He’s actually in a decent mood too. Only gets a little fussy around the time he’s due for pain meds.

Ben has to wear a double diaper until his cath. comes out. The first diaper is for #2’s and the top diaper is for the cath. to drain into. Diaper changes are quite interesting, but Mike is rocking it and doing an awesome job in that arena.

He’s bleeding at little and we called the pediatric urologist on call and she said that since he’s in good spirits, his cath. is draining, etc. to just keep and eye on it. I hope it doesn’t get worse. We also have to try and keep him from being active so he doesn’t aggravate the bleeding. It’s hard to keep a baby from motoring around, but I’m enjoying my cuddle time with my baby as part of his recovery plan.

Thanks you to everyone for all your positive thoughts! He’s pee pee bug is now fixed and we can rest assured that it’s finally over and everything went well.

More of Benji Boo

August 15, 2008

I got out tonight to take some more pictures of Ben. Here are some of my favorites, although I’m ticked I didn’t fix the collar on his shirt.

I’m not sure if I like the edits on the last one or not… I’m still debating, but I do love the picture and his cute smile. Isn’t he just adorable. BIG, but a cutie patutie!

And say some prayers for our baby Ben tonight and tomorrow morning. Ben was born with Hypospadia and is having surgery to correct it. Mommy and Daddy are very nervous, but we have faith and trust in his doctors at Hershey Medical Center’s Childrens Hospital.

We will keep you posted on how he does.

Our boys… getting older

August 14, 2008

Owen just turned 2 1/2 and Ben 6 months old, which means that it was time for a photo shoot to capture them at these milestone ages.

I took the boys out today and got some decent pictures… technically, there is room for improvement. My whites are totally blown out, but non-photography buffs wouldn’t notice. I’m still working on the edits too. What can I say – I’m still learning.

Anyway … even though they aren’t technically perfect, these pictures are perfection when it comes to capturing our boys personalities.

I’m hoping to get out tomorrow to take more if I can. The bugs by the creek were bad tonight so I had to snap fast. If not, I will have to wait for a week or two to take more because Ben has his surgery Friday morning (more on that later).

Here is a sneak peek… and for family… don’t worry… you will get these over e-mail soon so you can order prints. I’ll have lots of time this weekend since I’ll be home taking care of Ben post-op.

30th Birthday Party

August 12, 2008

My family threw me a birthday party on Saturday with family and a few close friends. It was really nice. We had the party in our garage since my house is too small inside for a lot of people, but it worked out really well. My mom and sister did a great job with the decorations. I loved all the pink because with four little boys in our family, it’s not often you can throw a party using pink!!

I’d like to thank the small group of people who took the time out of their busy summers to celebrate this milestone birthday with me and a BIG BIG thanks to my mom, sister and Mike for getting it all put together.

I took a ton of pictures, but here are just a few! ENJOY!!

The pretty table decorations.

The festive 30 balloons.

The beautiful flowers which my sister arranged herself.

A birthday cheesecake. Owen made sure to tell me there was a “3” and a “0” on my cake.

The birthday girl trying to embrace breaking through to her thirties.

The new 30-something, my brother Dan, my Dad and my sister Jenny.

My mom and I.

My little family.

29 and holding

August 7, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day I’ll be officially a 20 something. I can’t believe I’ll be 30 on Saturday. WOW! I’ve had mixed emotions about turning 30 for the past few weeks. Part of me is OK with turning 30 because I’ve accomplished so much in the past 10 years…

  • I graduated from a good college
  • I met and married a terrific man
  • We have built a beautiful life with 2 wonderful sons
  • We have a humble home on a corner lot with the picket fence and the minivan in the driveway =)
  • We have the world’s most awesome dog
  • I’ve established myself in a decent career that I enjoy and have a job in which I can support my family
  • I have built a circle of friends that are incredible and have the most amazing family and in-laws.

In a nut shell, I’ve been very blessed by life so far. Except for a few bumps in the road (like my accident), my last 30 years have been better than I could have asked for. And in that lies the problem…what the heck do I have to look forward to now? All the big events in my life are pretty much over until my boys get older. I know we will probably buy a new house sometime in the next 10 years and get another dog, but that’s about it. I’m pretty sure our baby days are over too. Even though a 3rd child would be nice, we’re really comfortable with our family of four so there is a slim chance you’ll see me pregnant in my 30’s. Plus, I don’t know if my body could handle another pregnancy… but that is another story.

So, since turning 30 has been on my mind a lot lately, I decided I needed to make myself some goals to reach in the next 10+ years. Here is my list so far…

  • Enjoy, cherish and love my boys and work hard at raising well mannered, moral and respectful young men with strong values and faith.
  • Put more time into me. I’m guilty of spending most my time and money on things other than me. Half my clothes in my closet are from college 8 years ago and exercise is a word that gets shoved behind a pile of excuses. I want to put more effort into getting physically fit for my health and splurging on clothes for me once in a while so I can actually say I looked better and was healthier in my 30’s than my 20’s.
  • Put family first… now that I have a family I understand the importance staying close to your roots has in life.
  • Make it a point to do things with friends more often. Spending time with friends, both near and far, is a gift you can give yourself. Time with friends refreshes your spirit and soul and of course, makes you laugh which adds years to your life.
  • Love my husband everyday as much as I did the day I knew he was the one.

So, I guess turning 30 isn’t going to be so bad. As the Tim McGraw song says…”The next thirty years will be the best years of my life…”! I think this will be true. I guess the neat thing about your 30’s is that life is unexpected. The 20’s are predictable for most…college, marriage, kids, house, etc. But, your 30’s are an unopened chapter that is a surprise waiting to happen everyday. I’m just going to have to learn to sit back and enjoy the story that unfolds!