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Hidden Treasure

July 27, 2008

I dug out my old point and shoot camera a few weeks ago and found a memory card still in it. WOW… there were pictures from back in 2006 on this card including some video clips my mom took after Owen was born that I didn’t know we had. Look at Owen… can you believe he was once this small??

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Lately I’ve realized that even though I love my photographs, nothing brings back memories like video. We have a camcorder, but I’m not good about using it, mostly because I don’t know how to get the footage off the tapes. After seeing this, the next purchase on my list is a digital camcorder. I want to be able to look back on our lives and hear sounds and see the boys life in motion too. It’s an entirely different perspective than a still shot.

Seriously… do you see what I see?


I’ve waited almost 6 months for this moment! Owen would only touch Ben’s toes, give him kisses and tickle his belly, but that was only once in a blue moon and all the contact he would allow. He would FREAK if you asked him to sit next to or hold his little brother.

He’s been slowly coming around and tonight he asks “Hold him?” My jaw dropped and I had to confirm what I had just heard. I said back to him, “You want to hold Ben?” He said “OK”. First, he tried to pick him up off the ground. Yeah right! Like that was going to happen – HA HA! So then I had him sit down and put Ben in front of him.

Mike quick grabbed the camera and I just tossed it on auto and used the camera’s flash. I didn’t care if the picture wasn’t perfect. I just had to capture this moment!!

The brotherly wrestle matches may have just begun!

Then later on, Owen was in Ben’s room and tried to turn on his radio. He then turns to me and says, “Dance with me?” I about died! I turned on the music in Mike and I’s room, picked him up and we started to dance. He had the biggest smile on his face. He then squirmed to get down, so I put him on the floor and he started dancing this little gig. It was hilarious!

Honestly… who replaced the terrible toddler terror we had up until 2 weeks ago with this adorable, sweet, almost well behaved little boy. He’s been such a pleasure to be around. At the beginning of the month I totally thought I was going to have to call Nanny 911, but luckily God must have listened to my prayers and come to our rescue!

And, I realized lately that Owen’s been doing a lot of cute things that I haven’t been keeping track of. I don’t want to forget them so I’m going to start posting more Owen stories. Thanks to my blog buddy, Jaidean, for the inspiration. We can’t forget about the first born once the new baby comes along. They have updates and stories worth posting too. With Ben changing and doing new things all the time I can have a tendency to forget about the new, interesting and funny things from Mr. O.

PS – Maxie wanted to get in on the Benny love too!

Homework Helper

July 22, 2008

Last Tuesday I started a photography class at a local camera shop, Carlisle Camera. Oh – I’m loving it! I wanted to take this last summer, but since I was so sick from being pregnant and hooked up to an IV, it was impossible.

Up until now, I’ve been self taught on how to use my camera and it’s so nice to have an actual professional provide guidance on photography in general, the principals… basically all the technical aspects.

This week we had 3 homework assignments – to take a picture of a building, a landscape and a person. All had to be taken in Program Mode, ISO 400, at 50mm and in natural light. I also couldn’t touch up my photos in Photoshop.

I took a picture of the Capital in Harrisburg for my building, a creek by my house for the landscape, and of course Ben was my perfect subject for a person. Look at what I captured!

AHHHH… I love him. Now, since this is my blog I could touch up the photo a bit, but all I had to do was brighten it a tad, sharpen, and run a defog action. Very subtle changes that made this picture perfect. I think it’s one of my new favorites of Benny!

And on the Benny front… this kid will be crawling VERY soon. Over the past few days he’s been getting on his hands and knees and rocking. I can’t believe it. Owen wasn’t even close to crawling at this age. I’ll keep everyone posted.


July 17, 2008

We have been feeding Ben cereal for the past week or so, but he doesn’t really eat it. He just moves it around his tongue and spits it back out. I thought for sure at 5 ½ months he’d be all about something more than his bottle and that at each cereal feeding he’d get better. Nope.

Well, tonight I decided to skip the cereal and go to veggies. We did this with Owen because he had cereal in his bottle for reflux. Anyway, you are only supposed to feed half a jar to start out, but Ben loved it and before I knew it, the jar was empty! He was unsure about the first few bites, but he eventually got to the point where he’d scream when I pulled the spoon away to get more carrots for him.

Looks like operation Baby Food will now have to start. We have a few jars, but Mike, AKA – Mr. Mom, wants to try and make his own. I’m all for it! It’s cheaper and we can make Ben more of a variety than what they sell in stores.

Fun, Food & Fantasy

July 14, 2008

Saturday, our little family joined Mimi and Pop Pop at Pop Pop’s company picnic at Knobels Grove. Oh how I love this park! It had been WAY too long since I had been there.

We had a great time despite the heat. As the day went on it just to be too much so we left around 4:00. Poor Ben, we called him our little baked potato because he was so hot in his stroller. We got him out to catch some of the breeze as much as we could.

We started off the day with a big family train ride, then off for waffles and ice cream. YUMMO!! I had to take a picture of Owen getting one of my most favorite childhood treats for the first time. He loved it as much as I did.

The whip and bumper cars were a big hit again with Owen and he loved the fast Tea Cups, the Sky Slide and the kiddie cars. I felt bad for him though… he really wanted to ride the mini roller coaster but believe it or not he was too short.

All of us had fun in the arcade too. Owen got a total kick out of skee ball. We won lots of tickets and got him a few prizes.

I can’t wait to go back again next year. It will be so much fun with both boys being able to enjoy the park. I want to go on a weekday so we can enjoy the pool and water slides too. It was just too busy on a Saturday in that heat.

Waiting in line for the train – poor Mike… his Bels Palsy still hasn’t gotten better. =(

Owen devouring his waffles and ice cream.

One again, the whip reigns the King of Rides in the world of Owen Thomas.

Mommy & O riding the cars. Owen’s such a great driver!

Mimi, Pop Pop and Benny.

Benny trying real hard to sit up on his own. He’s almost there.

And for those wondering… yes, I did chop my hair and I LOVE IT!! I wish I would have done it sooner.

Thursdays with Mimi

July 11, 2008

Every Thursday night Mike plays in the golf league, so my mom comes over after work to see the boys and help me out.

Tonight he said, “Mimi – play outside?”. Of course she couldn’t say No!! We all went outside and pushed the boys on the swing set. Owen had alot of fun with his Mimi – Ben too.

1 Red, 1 Blonde

July 10, 2008

The first thing everyone says when they meet Owen is – “I love his hair.” It’s true. He has the most gorgeous color of auburn red hair. It’s not too orange/red… it’s just right.

When Benny was born his hair was the same color as Owen’s. I was so excited to have 2 boys with red hair and blue eyes. Well… over the past several weeks, Ben’s hair has been turning blonde, but it’s been REALLY noticeable over the past 2 weeks. Look at him now – he’s a blondie. I like it though. It gives each boy their own identity and Owen can keep his trademark red hair all to himself.

Bring on the food

July 9, 2008

Sunday we finally started Benny on cereal. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. He kind of just licked it with his tongue and spit it back out. He was more interested in chomping down on the spoon. I think it felt good on his gums since he is teething.

I’m sure before you know it he’ll be gobbling it down, but as for now he’s still a bigger fan of his bottle.

Fourth Flashback

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!! We hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Friday off!

I thought I’d do something a little different for this post and do a “Fourth Flashback”.

Here is Ben today on his first 4th of July…

Here is Owen 2 years ago on his first 4th of July…

It’s so neat to compare the boys since they are basically exactly 2 years apart. They don’t look alike, Ben is chubbier than Owen was, and Owen’s head is bigger than Ben’s, but man aren’t they both adorable!! =)

Kingdom for Kids

July 3, 2008

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this… earlier last month we had another Family Day and went to Dutch Wonderland. It was such a nice day, although it had it’s ups and downs.

The GREAT part was seeing Owen on the mini Whip. Oh my gosh the kid LOVED that ride. He must had gone on 6+ times. He got the biggest kick out of it. He also loved the bumper cars.

The downside was it’s VERY hard to teach an impatient 2 year old about waiting in line. He wasn’t a big fan of that concept. He wanted to walk right up and get on a ride. I also felt bad because he really wanted to ride the swings but he was too little believe it or not.

Owen and Ben also enjoyed a Thomas the Train show. Thomas is HUGE in our house right now so that was a big hit.

All in all it was a memorable time for our little family. Here are a few pictures from the day. There were so many it was hard to pick just a few.