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If this was true

June 30, 2008

If the saying on this onesie was true, I’d be in some major debt!! I can’t tell you how many hundreds of pictures I’ve taken of this baby so far!

On a side note, I was so excited to finally find this onesie! A blog photo buddy, Lyndsay, bought this for her baby at their Target in Texas before her son was born (our boys are like 10 days apart). I have searched for months for it! It came just in time too… I don’t think I could get chunker monker in it if he was any bigger!!

Look what Ben found…

June 25, 2008

HIS FEET!! Isn’t this the most adorable thing in the world!! I love when babies grab their feet.

And Maxie found a snuggle buddy… seriously, can this dog get any sweeter. She just loves the boys and isn’t afraid to show it. AHHHH… I can’t get over how precious this picture is. I’m so glad I was able to capture it.

again with this face….

There is just something about this baby that tugs at my heart strings in a different way than Owen. Maybe it’s because I had such a rough pregnancy and am happy he is healthy and happy. Maybe it’s because he may be my last baby. All I know is I adore my Benjamin.

I really feel like he’s growing up so fast and I’m missing almost all of it. Only getting 6 weeks of maternity leave was difficult and with working full time, it’s hard to get all the quality time in on week nights that I’d like to… not only because I have to divide my time by 2 with both boys, but because he goes to sleep so darn early. =(

But, you do what you have to do to support your family and I’m learning everyday to try to make the most of what time I have. I just wish the first year didn’t have to go by so fast – especially the first 6 months!!

She’s Been Missed!

June 23, 2008

I’ve heard from a few people that they miss seeing the pets in our blog header, especially our lovable, huggable, oh so sweet Maxie girl.

So, for those of you who are in need of a Maxie fix (Aunt Peg!!), here she is… dirty nose and all! Don’t you just love our Brown Eyed Girl!! =)


June 17, 2008

Here is my other blue eyed addiction…and again I didn’t Photoshop his eyes. The really are that blue. I just adore having blue eyed babies to photograph, can’t you tell!!

Yes, they are that Blue

June 17, 2008

No, I didn’t edit this picture in Photoshop… his eyes are really that blue. Isn’t he just gorgeous. I’m totally smitten with this little man. I wish I could freeze time and keep him this age forever …although his Daddy would totally disagree with me! =)

Happy Father’s Day

June 15, 2008

Today we celebrate our Dad’s! Ben and Owen would like to send a big “love you” wish to their Dada and say Thank you for taking such good care of them everyday. They feel very lucky to have a stay-at-home Dad so they get to spend lots of quality time with him as they grow up.

From a wife’s perspective… Mike is doing a great job with the boys, especially Owen. He’s teaching him shapes, colors, animals, etc. It amazes me all the things Owen has learned from his Daddy lately. Keep up the good work hun and enjoy your golf gift certificate! You deserve an afternoon on the links.

And Mike and I would like to say Thanks to our Dad’s for being so special and good to us. We really admire you and all you have done for us and the boys. We couldn’t ask for better dad’s or for better “PeePaw’s” for Owen and Ben.

And what’s a post without a picture. While Owen was being so cooperative for the camera the other day, I was able to capture this picture of Mike and the boys. I also LOVE the picture of Mike and Ben. I thought it was fitting to save these pictures to post for Father’s Day.

The Fat Lady Has Sung!!

June 10, 2008

We have tried for more than 4 months to get a picture of the 2 boys together. All we wanted was a candid… it didn’t even have to be a formal shot.

Up until know when we tried to take a picture of the two boys, it was like Owen was thinking – “Yeah right mom… when the fat lady sings is when you will get a picture of me with my brother”. See, he hasn’t been a big fan of Ben. He’s nice to him and will tickle his toes or give him a kiss every now and then, but he will not let you sit Ben next to him nor will he hold him. Every time we tried to get a picture, this is what happened…

Well, lately he has been warming up to Ben and today we got him to sit next to Ben on the counter in his bumbo. I about died!! It’s not the fanciest or best pose, but hey… I’m THRILLED to finally have a picture of my 2 boys together, being civil and looking happy. YEAH!!

And Owen continued to be nice to his brother Ben today… they played on the swing set together. Owen even started to push Ben in his swing without us saying anything to him. I hope this streak of brotherly love he has continues!

Our Niece – Abby

June 10, 2008

This past weekend Mike’s family had a big get together in NJ and we finally got to meet our niece, Abby. Mike’s brother and his wife had Abby only 4 days after we had Ben, so they are super close in age. Too bad we live 8 hours away and can’t see them more often.

Of course, I had to take advantage of this opportunity and we had a photo shoot. She’s such a doll and I’m totally in love with this picture of her.

I’ll try and post more pictures this week from the weekend, but 1) I’m very tired from being busy with work and everything else and 2) I’m viciously trying to play catch up with freelance work and stuff around the house. Sometimes I forget I’m just one person and working full-time, being a mom of 2 little boys, taking care of a house and computer work add up. I wish there were more hours in the day!

Our little GIANT

June 4, 2008

So, we had Ben’s 4 month appointment today at the doctor and he is even bigger than I thought…. Remember, this was Ben at his very first Dr.’s appointment at 1 week old (7lbs 3oz). And get this… Ben now at 4 months old…

Weight: 18 lbs. (95th percentile)
Length: 27.5 inches (100th+ percentile)
Head: 42cm circumference (15th percentile)

I was shocked. Where did my little baby go? Owen was that big at 6 months! The Dr. kept saying how big he was, but not to be worried because he is porportionate. When she looked at the growth chart she said he was the size of an average 8 month old. That made me really sad. I feel like I was cheated out of 4 months of tiny babyness because he shouldn’t be this size for 4 more months. =(

The worst part is she said to expect even more rolls because babies start to pudge at 6 months of age. GREAT! We make beautiful blue-eyed little boys, but we make them big! And to think Ben was suppose to be my little guy… HA HA HA!!

ADDITION – I thought I’d add a comparison… here is Owen at 4 months. They look a little similar in size, but Owen’s definitely not as chubby. At 4 months Owen was 15lbs 1oz and 26 3/4 inches.