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Week 2 – My Kids & I

March 31, 2008

Well – Owen didn’t want to have his picture taken this week, but Daddy did capture one with Benny and I.

Here I am feeding him in the rocking chair Grammy and PeePaw Thomas let us borrow. Mike’s mom used it to rock all her children and even though she thinks it’s uncomfortable, I enjoy feeding Benny in this chair when I’m downstairs in the living room. He seems to like it too.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

March 28, 2008

Owen, Ben and I just wanted to send a BIG birthday wish to Daddy!! Happy 28th Dear!! We love you!! Enjoy your USGA membership and have a blast on your golf trip with the boys next weekend.

We Love Our Daddy!!

He is SOOO much FUN!!

What a face

March 27, 2008

Beautiful & Handsome…

Silly & Cute…

Man I love this kid!

Easter 08

March 25, 2008

We spent Easter at home this year. Mimi brought over all the food and cooked so Mike and I could relax and so we didn’t have to drag the boys and all the stuff that goes with them to her house.

It was a nice lazy day with a mini Easter egg hunt in the living room for Owen, cuddling with Ben, watching basketball and eatting good food.

Owen had a basket full of CARS stuff (go figure… who would have guessed?!?!) and Ben’s basket had books, binkies, a puppy infant towel wrap and some baby toys. Of course, Owen had to make Pop Pop play cars, just like he did with Uncle Dan. I think he’s going to make it a mandatory event for all guests who come in the house.

And weren’t the boys just super cute for easter??

Oh – and we did color eggs this year. Alex, Owen, Jenny and I colored eggs after Ben’s baptism last week. Owen was just a little too young (he smashed the egg w/ his name on it) but he still had fun.

Week 1 – My Kids & I

March 23, 2008

A photography message board I visit that is mostly moms with kids the same age as Owen and Ben started a challenge for us to get in front of the camera more with our children. We take alot of pictures of our kiddos, but rarely get in front of the camera to have our picture taken with them.

It’s a 52 week challenge and the mission is to get a picture of you and your child once a week for a year. I love it!

Here are my pictures from week 1…

Friday night we took Owen to Picture People for his 2 year pictures since he wouldn’t cooperate for me at home. I snuck one in of the two of us and it turned out decent so I bought it. The pictures aren’t online yet so I did my best to take a picture of the picture.

And today while Ben and I were taking a nap my mom snapped these pictures of us snoozing. I had no idea she took these pictures until I woke up. We do this ALOT so I think these pictures are very fitting to keep for the memory books.

Our little angel

March 22, 2008

Ben, being the adorable, cooperative, non-moving baby that he is made a great subject today for me to take some pictures. Isn’t he just a little angel?

Oh – and I caught this one of Mike and Owen that is just so dear. It really shows how much this little boy loves his daddy.

Owen loves to get on the “puter” and go to the “Didknee” site to see CARS. So, Mike was sitting at the computer with him going through all the cars on the website. Owen just loves it.

Uncle Dan

March 18, 2008

Tonight Ben finally got to meet his Uncle Dan! Danny is my little brother and I haven’t seen him since Christmas so it was so great to see him.

Owen was very excited to see Uncle Dan and he put him to work reading books and racing cars. He also made him laugh with his ever expanding vocabulary… especially how he says Alligator (Al-a-giggle-giggle-giggle).

God Bless Ben

March 17, 2008

Yesterday Ben was baptised in the same church that Mike and I were married in and the same church Owen was baptised in. It meant alot to us to have the same priest who performed those important sacraments for our family do the same for Ben’s baptism.

And yes – our parish is a little “old school” so to speak. They don’t just pour water over the child’s head… they actually submerse the baby in holy water and pour it over their head. I think it’s the only catholic church I’ve heard of that does this.

Ben’s god parents are my sister, Jenny, and Mike’s best friend and SU/Sig Ep buddy, Phil. We couldn’t think of 2 other people who we’d want to have as Ben’s godparents.

Mr. Serious

March 14, 2008

I have such a hard time getting Owen to look at the camera, so today when we went to the park I took my new “zoom” lens. I was able to be far away from him, but get up close shots of his face. It’s hard to get this kid to smile for the camera, but at least I got eye contact.

I was able to get somewhat of a smile out of Mr. Serious when he was on the swings.

And this one I just like… for some reason I love pictures of Owen when he’s looking off into the world and taking it all in.

1 more week with Mommy

March 10, 2008

I’m so sad… one week from tomorrow I go back to work =(. Right now I wish I lived in Sweden where new moms and dads get something like 12+ months of paid leave.

I have just adored the past 5 weeks. I love being home. Granted, my day job is probably easier, but being home with your kids is so much more rewarding. I’m very envious of Mike that he gets to do this everyday. He has the best job in the world. No one can put a price tag on spending quality time with your kids every day and truly seeing them grow up.

It’s also been great spending all this time with Mike. A big plus to him being a stay-at-home-dad is that he was home with me my entire maternity leave this time … LOVE IT! Most husbands and wives would be at each others throats spending day in and day out with one another, but not us. Spending this time together has been awesome.

But – I have to realize that my office job is just as important. While Mike takes care of their wants, I take care of their needs… a home, clothes, food, health insurance, etc. Each of us have an equal, but important part in this family.

So, I’m just going to take in the next 7 days. I’m going to love up my boys as much as I can because starting next Tuesday, it’s only their pictures on my desk that will have to get me through my day. No more hugs, kisses and cuddles. =( It will really make the moment I walk in the door after work the best part of my day.

See… I do exist!! I actually got in front of the camera this weekend!