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Christmas 2007

December 28, 2007

I still can’t believe Owen’s second Christmas has come and gone. The look on his face when he saw the presents under the tree was so cute… he gasped “WOW”. He was very calm opening gifts though. I thought he might be a little more excited, but it could also be that we woke him up and he was still tired. Poor little guy was yawning while opening his gifts from Santa.

X-mas Eve Mike’s parents and sister came to visit. We went to church, had a nice dinner, then hit the sack. They were able to see Owen open his presents then headed out to visit other family.

My dad, step-mom and brother came to visit next. It was so good to see my little brother. I hadn’t seen him in months!

Christmas night we went to my mom’s and celebrated with her, her husband, my sister, her husband and Alex. It was a nice time. The boys got so much stuff!!

I took over 250 pictures. Mike yelled at me because he said he’ll remember this Christmas with my face looking like the front of my camera, but I couldn’t help it. I like to capture everything and I was hopelessly trying to get Owen to look at the camera and smile. He’s a little camera shy.

Anyway… here are just a few of my favorites from the holiday. ENJOY!!

Our little family X-mas Eve

Mommy – you woke me up… but did I hear that Santa came?

WOW – look at all these presents!

TOUCHDOWN!! Checking out my Steelers football uniform from Grandpa & Grammy Park.

My sister, Jenny, and I are 10 weeks apart. Both due with little boys. Too bad I’m officially the size of a house!

Tool Time!

December 21, 2007

My very good college friend, sorority sister and neighbor – Heather, stopped by tonight with her husband Shayne and their cutie-pie daughter, Mya, to give Owen his Christmas present.

OMG – Owen LOVED Aunt Heather’s gift!! She got him the Little Tykes Tool Bench. He gasped and said “WOW” when he opened the package. He could not wait to open the box. Shayne put it together for him and he went right to town. I could not pry it away from him. Of course his favorite part was the “Hamamammer”. He even wanted to take it upstairs when it was getting close to Night Night time.

Thanks so much Heather, Shayne and Mya… Owen really loves his new toy!

Warm Fuzzies

December 20, 2007

What else can give you warm holiday fuzzies other than cookies and puppies?!?

Owen has taken a VERY strong liking to Maxie lately. I think it’s because he is her height now. He loves to give her hugs and kisses. I snapped this shot the other night and it just melts my heart. It’s my baby girl and my baby boy. Smoochies!! Too precious!

Then yesterday Daddy decided to bake and Owen loves to help him cook. We’re going to make baking cookies with Daddy a holiday tradition. Mike’s quite handy in the kitchen so hopefully he can pass it on to the boys.

Niece or Nephew

December 13, 2007

Today was the big ultrasound for my sister and her husband to find out if baby #2 was a boy or a girl.

Well… we’re going to have another NEPHEW!!! That means there will now be four little boys in our family. Pink just doesn’t like us, but that is OK!! Jenny and I are now the queens of our castles.

Poor Alex, he’s 0-2 in the baby guessing game. He thought for sure both of us were having “Sister babies”.

Next Christmas should be fun… not 2 but 4 little boys to spoil with cars, trains and all that good boys stuff! =)

Womb with a View

December 4, 2007

Tonight myself, Mike, Owen, my mom and his mom all went to Womb with a View to see baby Ben on ultrasound. It was really neat. We did it when I was pregnant with Owen too and I loved it just as much then.

I was only going for the 15 minute gender check and 2 pictures, but our little guy was uncooperative so it turned into an hour. The lady was so nice and didn’t make me pay any extra and she gave me a CD of all the pictures and printed extra hard copies for our moms to take with them. They loved that. At the end of the session we also got a clear look that he is indeed a boy. There should be no surprises on delivery day.

I can’t get over how much Ben looks like Owen when he was a baby. I mean Mike and I couldn’t get over the resemblance. Take a look for yourself…

Here are a two other good pictures from the session. You can click on them to make them bigger.