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Giving Thanks

November 28, 2007

Our little family had a nice Thanksgiving. We went to NJ to spend the holiday with Mike’s parents, sister, brother and his aunts, uncle and cousins from his mom’s side of the family. There was SO much good food. I was very thankful I wasn’t sick any more so I got to enjoy in all the goodness!

My In-laws (we missed you Sara!)

Mike’s Aunt Norma Jean, cousin Louis and his wife Raeann

Mike’s Aunt Rosie, Uncle Lou and cousins Greg & Doug

Owen LOVES the lawn animals in his Grammy & Grandpa’s yard. He has to say Hi to them all everytime he comes. He’s really fond of the turtle.

A cute picture of our little man from Thanksgiving Day.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year… a terrific son, a healthy baby boy on the way, my new job which allows Mike to have the job he was meant to have… being a Stay-at-Home-Dad, 2 wonderful pets, a nice home, and a very loving family. I’m also thankful everyday that not only am I married to a wonderful man, but my best friend who is the most amazing father. Our marriage is truly special and I’m so thankful we’ve found such happiness in each other and our little family.

Merry "Early" X-mas to us!!!

November 12, 2007

Christmas came early for Mama & Dada Thomas this year. We both had things on our wish list that we had been saving for. We finally had the $$ to make the purchases so we decided to treat ourselves.

I finally got my Nikon SB400 speedlight and 70-300mm lens. AHHH…. My camera package is near completion. All my big-ticket items are now in my collection so I should have what I need to start to really learn how to get better at using my dSLR and take even better photographs.

Mike had been itching for a Wii for months and luckily we made a random trip to Best Buy last night when one of the workers told us a shipment was coming in the morning. He thought the store opened at 9am so he got there at 8:40ish. It didn’t open until 10, but it’s a good thing he got there early. People were already lining up to buy them. He was #4 in line for only 17 consoles. They are VERY hard to find and purchase so he was very thankful he was assured his Wii.

We made a pact that I would learn to play the Wii with him and he’d learn to use my camera. So far we are both having a lot of fun partaking in the other’s hobby. He’s been playing around with my camera for a few weeks and is really getting pretty good and the Wii is so much more my speed than PS2. We’ve already had some close battles of Ping Pong. I’m also loving the fact it’s much more kid friendly… most of the PS2 games were so violent!

It’s been a hard and at times rough year for the two of us. We don’t exchange gifts for birthdays or holidays so it was nice to be able to treat each other to something fun and new. We just decided to start spreading the Christmas spirit early and started with each other!

Oh – and we’re DONE shopping for Owen too!! Unfortunately, he has to wait for “Santa” to bring his gifts on December 25th.

Well – things are totally back on track. Just like with Owen around 22 weeks my sickness disappeared and my love for food came back in a big way. It was like I had a tape worm and couldn’t stop eating! I had a Dr’s appointment yesterday and the scale definitely showed my passion for eating over the past few weeks! OOPS! He said it was fine to catch up but no more big weight gains. I’m now 11.5 pounds above my starting weight. Not too bad for only having 15 weeks to go.

The baby is measuring right on target and his heartbeat sounds perfect. Music to my ears.

And… break out the champagne (well, sparkling cider for me) because OUR SON HAS A NAME!!! We couldn’t decide between Colin & Drew so we started from scratch with the book of 100,000+ baby names and this time around easily agreed that Owen’s little brother’s name will be…. BENJAMIN!!

We are very excited to finally call him by his name!

Here are some belly pics. I know… very daring, but in the comparison picture I’m about the same size I was at the same point in time with Owen, although the dark pants in the belly picture with Owen are more flattering than the baggy cords I had on tonight. =)

Owen giving baby Ben a kiss!!

Owen wanted Ben to play with his car! =)