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1st Trick or Treat

October 25, 2007

Tonight was Trick-or-Treat, so we got Owen ready to go as the dragon and went to a few houses in the neighborhood. We even met up with the kids from our street for a while. We thought he might not like it, but he got right into the spirit and greeted the neighbors with a smile and said Thank-You to everyone who gave him candy.

His first ever house he trick or treated at.

We even stopped by to see Auntie Heather and Mya!!

Mike carved an awesome pumpkin to celebrate the evening. He did a friendly cute face that was a big hit.

We almost carved the pumpkin like this though to honor this pregnancy…. HE HE HE!!!

Playhouse Disney Live

October 21, 2007

Friday night Owen had the time of his life when Mimi took him (along with myself, Aunt Jenny and Alex) to go see Playhouse Disney Live.

Our seats were in the nosebleed section… literally just a few rows from the very top, but Owen didn’t care. He was clapping, bopping and dancing in our laps. He absolutely LOVED it. The show itself was so-so, but he didn’t know the difference between what was good and bad. Seeing him enjoy the show so much just made it such a wonderful experience, regardless of the quality of the production.

I think the biggest let down was the Little Einsteins weren’t in costumes so he didn’t really recognize them. It was kids about 14-16 dressed up like the Little Einsteins. The same for Handy Manny.

Anyway… here are a few pictures. You weren’t suppose to have cameras so I had to snap them quickly.

He loved Alex’s Handy Manny hat so much I got him one of his own… he kept putting on his “tat”…aka hat… the next morning. It will be a little longer until he can wear the t-shirt.

Halloween Sneak Peek

October 18, 2007

It was nice out the other day so we put Owen in his dragon Halloween costume and took pictures out in the yard. He had a blast!! The costume has this adorbale tail on the back. I’ll post a picture from behind soon.

How can you be scared of a dragon that looks THIS CUTE!!

Oh – and a little miscelanous tid bit…. Owen’s new favorite DVD to watch isn’t his beloved Little Einsteins … it’s his first year video!! He loves it and yells Dada and Mama everytime he see’s Mike and I. If you’ve never seen it, check out the link at the top right of the page. It’s wonderful… at least I think so!! =)

Going to Grandma "Grapes"

October 15, 2007

This past weekend Mike, Owen and I along with my Dad, Jenny and Alex all made the trek up to Emporium to visit the GGM… the boys great grandmother. Alex kept calling her Grandma “Grape” Instead of Grandma Great. It was really funny.

We had a really nice visit and Aunt Karen even stopped by to visit for a little on Sunday. The boys were a little much to handle over the 2 days, but even good kids can have their moments. Unfortunately, they weren’t too cooperative when we were trying to get pictures with the GGM before leaving so I have no pics of them with our Gram. =( But I did get some cute pictures of them running around the yard. The weather is gorgeous in that area of the state this time of year.

The Park house for the last 40+ years… lots of memories.

The beautiful fall colors of Emporium.

Sweet Little Owen.

Big Boy Alex.

This pretty much sums up the boys for the weekend.

They really do love each other though. Cousins, buddies, best friends.

Owen found a new favorite toy while we were there… the organ.