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Hershey Park Happy!!

August 19, 2007

Owen had his first trip to Hershey Park on Saturday. He LOVED it! I was scared at first that he might hate the rides, but he really enjoyed himself. We had a great time with Aunt Jenny, Alex, and Grandpa & Grammy Park.

The park was REALLY busy. I had never seen so many people there in my life. It made it hard to get the boys on a lot of rides, but we got them on enough. (Now we know to ALWAYS go during the week) The new Boardwalk is amazing. We didn’t have a chance to let the boys splash around, but next year Owen should be the perfect age to take full advantage of the water park. I think season passes for 2008 might be in our future. Gotta love living so close to the sweetest place on earth.

Warning – Picture Overload!
Since I couldn’t really partake in the festivities due to the fact I’m pregnant, I was Owen & Alex’s paparazzi for the day. I took so so many pictures, but these are my favorites.

Yup – Owen’s a Hershey’s Miniature.

The Thomas’ together for the first time at Hershey.

Owen’s first ride on the cars.

Aunt Jenny & Owen on the carousel.

The little guy taking it all in.

Back to the cars… now both boys get to ride the fire truck.

Alex and Owen – piloting their own space ship.

The only ride he didn’t like… the Bumble Bees.

Owen roaring at the Polar Bear on the side of the ICEE stand. Too funny.

Here they come down the Junior Flume… Tiny Timbers.


Owen liked that one (see my child can still smile and not be serious all the time).

Mom & Dad being silly on a jet ski photo prop at the Board Walk.

Scary Sunday

August 8, 2007

Well – Sunday night was very scary for us. I started bleeding really bad so my Dr. sent me to the ER. We were really worried about our little bean, but it turns out s/he is PERFECT! I on the other hand have placenta previa. The Dr. said I can’t lift heavy objects, do strenuous house work and need to rest when I can. It makes life with a toddler a little difficult, but Daddy is a champ and totally taking care of Owen.

Luckily, this condition usually corrects itself 90-95% of the time, but if it doesn’t I’ll have to have a scheduled c-section. I look on the bright side, if I have to have a c-section then I can pick the day baby #2 is born so I can assure s/he won’t be born on Owen’s birthday.

I still can’t believe I’m 12 weeks along already. Only 8 more weeks until we find out if it is Team Blue or Team Pink. I added a poll to the right hand side of the page. Make sure you vote whether you think the Thomas Family will be adding another boy or a little girl!! All I know is Mommy & Daddy can’t wait to meet this little bugger that has made this pregnancy such a complicated one, but it’s totally worth it!!

Family Reunion

August 5, 2007

Saturday we had a great family afternoon at the Park/Minard family reunion. It was such a nice, beautiful day. We started the reunion tradition from when I was a kid back up again last year and I’m so glad we did! There was wonderful food, a great park, a fun-filled pool with a water slide and of course, one fabulous family. I’m so proud to be part of this family. I just love them all!!

Here are some pictures from the event…

My dad, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Karen and my Uncle Harry (dad’s twin brother)

My dad, uncle and their life long friend who is family, Kent.

My little family (and yes, I am that pale… call me powder).

Alex having fun on the bump slide.

Owen being his curious self at the playground.

My sister’s little family… her husband and Alex.

My brother and Owen going down the slide.

My grandmother and almost all her grandkids… my brother and cousin are MIA.

This is my favorite picture from the day. It’s my grandmother cuddling with my baby to put him to sleep for his nap. This moment brought tears to my eyes. Owen’s been very picky about who he goes to lately, but he went to her with open arms. I’m so glad she had the chance to just hold and love up her great-grand baby.