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Deep Creek = RELAXTION

July 31, 2007

We returned over the weekend from a nice week-long Thomas Family vacation in Deep Creek, MD. It was the entire clan… the 3 of us, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Susan, Uncle Bill and Aunt Sara.

We watched lots of movies, played lots of board games, made smores over the camp fire, lounged in the hot tub (don’t worry… we turned the heat down for Owen and my preggo self), and went swimming in the pool.

My favorite activity though was the Discovery Center’s Toddler Tuesday at the State Park. Owen and about 40 other little ones had a great time. There was free play, a small hike to a play ground, a small walk to see a turtle, 2 hawks and an owl, then another small hike through the woods to a second playground. At the 2nd playground each child got to pick out their own rock then we walked to the lake where each child (with parental supervision of course) got to toss their rock into the lake and make a wish. Finally it was a trek back to the Discovery Center for finger painting and a much needed snack. Owen had a blast!

Owen’s wish came true too! I’m starting to feel much better. I’m off my IV treatments and actually able to eat some food and keep it down. HOORAY!!!

Oh, and we got GREAT NEWS upon our arrival to Deep Creek. Bill and Sara announced they are expecting their first baby!! Here is the kicker… Sara is due 1 week before me. There will be 2 New Thomas Babies in February!!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the week.

That’s right!! Thomas Baby #2 is on the way!! Mommy is just about 9 weeks pregnant and my little sister or brother is due right around my 2nd birthday – February 19th!! I’m very excited that I’ll have a sibling in just a few short months. Daddy & Mommy say I’m going to be a great BIG BROTHER!! I think they are right!

They are doing the same thing with this baby as they did with me… they are going to find out if it is a boy or a girl but they are keeping the name a secret until the baby’s arrival into the world. They don’t care what it is – just as long as it is healthy and not born on February 7th. They want each of us to have our own birthdays.

Now – the bad part… Mommy is really really sick with this baby. Even worse than she was with me. She lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks and couldn’t keep anything down. No food or liquids. To keep her and the baby safe her Dr. has her on in-home IV Therapy for fluids and anti-nauesa medication. It’s making her feel a little better. She still can’t play with me, give me a bath, pick me up, etc, but Daddy & Mimi are doing a great job taking care of me. Let’s just say lots of prayers that this all-day horrible morning sickness ends soon and Mommy gets better fast so she doesn’t have to keep doing this IV treatment for weeks.

So, that is my very special BIG NEWS!! Our family will be complete in February (no more kiddos after this for Mommy & Daddy) … 2 wonderful parents, 2 adorable kids, a one-of-a-kind cat, the best dog in the world and a loving home. What more could you ask for!!

Love you lots!

PS – And to Brick’s Mommy… thanks for the shirt idea. Mine didn’t turn out as cute as Brick’s, but it got the job done of spreading the news to family!!