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As you know from the previous post, Owen was not a big fan of his kiddie pool. He loves being outside and the weather is warm, so we decided to see if he’d like a water table. Guess what… he loved it! The water table was a big hit. He can pour water down the water mill, play with his little sail boats and even play with his squirting fish. He really enjoys it.

I’m so glad we were able to find an outdoor toy that he likes… now we can actually play with him instead of chasing him around the yard… well, we still do that but at least we can stop and have some fun with the water table.

Owen – the Funny Man
Owen turned 16 months today. We were playing in the back yard and I swear the kid didn’t sit still the entire time we were out there. He’d just walk from one end of the yard to the other over and over again (I wish I had his energy). At the very end of our play session he sat down and started to make the funniest faces. It was so cute. I was laughing so hard!! This kid has got one gem of a personality.

From Funny Owen to Smart Owen
Smart is right! This kid has blown mommy and daddy away this past month with all the new words and things he’s learned to do. Here are all the new words he started to say over the past 4-5 weeks (he could already say Mama, Dada, Baba, Pup & Cat). I tried to do my best writing them all down:

Bear, Elmo, Turtle, Tigger, Pooh, Apple, Doll, Car, Bye Bye, Cow, Frog, Ball, Cup, More, Mimi, Pop Pop, Wow, Mouth, Nose, Toes, Hair, Night Night and Girl. He tries to say “Alex” too.

He’s doing great with body parts as well. He can point to his head, belly, ear, mouth and nose if you ask him to. He’s also really responding to commands like “Put that back where it belongs” and “Go get insert object name here“. He’s making us VERY proud parents.