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A Whale of a Time

May 27, 2007

On Saturday it was finally warm enough for us to get Owen’s new whale kiddie pool out. I got him all ready in his swim suit and water shoes and lathered him up with sunscreen. Daddy blew up the pool and started to fill it with water.

Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready to put Owen in the pool the dark storm clouds appeared and he only got a minute, maybe two at the most in his pool. We were shocked that he didn’t like it. He LOVES the bath, but he hated the pool. He was curious while we were filling it so we thought he was going to have a blast, but as soon as we put him in the pool, he started to cry.


We got to thinking that Owen might have been scared by the storm and the wind on Saturday, so we decided to give it another shot on Sunday. HA HA HA!!! He hated it even more on Day 2, but Maxie loved it! After she jumped in with him, Owen liked it for maybe 30 seconds, but then he started to cry again. Hopefully as the summer goes on he’ll grow to love his pool!


15 Month Check Up

May 27, 2007

Owen had his 15 month check up earlier this week and he’s doing great. He was 25 pounds 4 ounces and 33 1/4 inches long. These stats keep him in the same percentiles…. 95% for height and 55% for weight. At the rate he is growing he’ll be a tall string bean!!
He did great with his shots, only a little cry, and Dr. Shrift was so amazed how Owen just sits still on the exam room table and let’s him look in his ears and listen to his heart/lungs/belly without him squirming. He said most kids Owen’s age don’t like that at all and fuss. What can I say… we’re raising a great, relaxed little boy.

He’s doing perfect in all areas, in fact; he’s actually slightly ahead of the game for his age. He’s saying more words than the Doctor expected him to and his motor skills are slightly advanced. I was happy to hear that!! I must admit… daycare helps alot. We try to teach him as much as we can at home, but he’s really learning alot from his teacher, Miss Darla and the rest of his classmates.

Our only issue is still the dairy allergy and slightly low iron. We have to keep him on the Stage 2 formula and try to feed him more meat. We are having his allergies re-tested in September. I have my fingers triple crossed that his dairy allergy is gone!

Mother’s Day #2

May 17, 2007

I spent my second mother’s day not only with my baby Owen and Mike, but also with my mom and sister. We had a nice day. We cooked out and took the boys to the park. They had a fun time and it was nice that all 3 mom’s got to spend the day together with their kids.

Our nephew Alex turns 3 today! I can’t believe it! His big party is next weekend. Alex loves the movie “CARS” so he’s having a big CARS PARTY. He’s so excited that he keeps telling everyone.

Happy Birthday Alex! We can’t wait for your big bash! You’re buddy, cousin and best friend Owen is excited to see you again and help you celebrate entering your terrific threes!

15 Months Old!

May 8, 2007

WOW – time flies… I can’t believe Owen’s 15 months already, although the past 3 months have felt like 3 months. =)

We’ve seen HUGE changes… he’s obviously getting bigger, but he’s walking really fast now, starting to say more words (“ook” for book, “Elno” for Elmo, “ba” for bear, and “tutle” for turtle), he’s in total explorer mode, he likes to dance to The Little Einsteins and he’s making mommy and daddy laugh and smile more and more everyday. I really thought I was going to miss the “baby” Owen, but I’m loving the little boy he is becoming.

Here are some pictures we snapped tonight.

Mommy – I’m the coolest kid in town!

OK – enough pictures… give me a hug!

And Daddy just loves this one. He says it looks like it’s an ad for one of our favorite TV shows… HEROES.

“Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.”

New Outdoor Toys!

May 5, 2007

Grandpa Thomas was away on business in California, so Grammy Thomas came to visit this weekend. Owen and his Grammy had lots of fun. Since she doesn’t get to see him that often, of course we had to go shopping to spoil the little man! =) She got him alot of neat stuff, but the best part is the fun new outdoor toys. He got a golf set, basketball hoop, bubble mower and a really neat whale pool for later in the summer.

She also got to witness Owen getting his hair cut at Sharkey’s. Yes, Owen needed yet another hair cut. His hair just grows so fast and with the warm weather he’s much more comfortable with it really short.