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Houston we have lift off!

April 13, 2007


He’s been taking steps here and there for the past few weeks but never anything substantial. Well, last night Mimi stopped by after work to see him. After his dinner we got him out of the high chair and he decided to walk from the dining room, through the kitchen to the front door!! For the rest of the night all he wanted to do was walk. I was out of tape for the camcorder so after his bath I got the camera out and snapped some pictures of the little man in action.

His teachers have been working with him alot at daycare and everyday for the past week I’ve made him walk to me when I pick him up. I’ve also been having him walk behind his push-behind red car to get more comfortable walking on carpet and Mike has been taking him by the hand and walking around with him whenever he’s had the chance. I guess all the practice paid off because the Thomas Family now has a little walker!!

The Fort that Daddy Built

April 13, 2007

So, I came home from work yesterday to find my living room looking like a tornado went through it. The couch cushions were in a big pile on the floor and there were toys everywhere.

I called Mike at work to ask what the heck had happened because the living room was normal when I left for work in the morning. Well, he and Owen were playing before he went to work and he decided to built a fort in the living room out of the couch cushions!! They were having so much fun playing that he lost track of time and didn’t have a chance to clean up before taking Owen to daycare. How sweet! After that I couldn’t be mad that my house was a mess. He’s such a good daddy.

Owen’s 2nd Easter

April 11, 2007

Owen’s 2nd Easter was spent much like his first. We traveled to Mike’s Aunt Rosie and Uncle Lou’s house. Gotta love the Piazza’s. Dinner was great and they got Owen his favorite… BOOKS! He even got to play the drums and the keyboard with Uncle Lou. We also headed to visit Great Grammy & Pop Thomas and the Falvo’s. Owen had fun, but mom and dad were beat by the end of the day…. espcially since I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks. But anyway…. Easter was a nice time with family and Owen looked oh so daper in his Easter outfit. =)

Oh – the big difference this year is that Owen knew what an Easter Basket was and as soon as he saw he he dug right in! It was hard to get a picture of him with his basket, but he enjoyed his goodies.

Owen with his presents from the Easter Bunny. Notice he’s going straight for the Little Einstein DVD!

Our little family at the end of the day. (That’s why we all look so tired).

Isn’t he just the cutest thing?

Easter Egg Hunt

April 3, 2007

On Sunday, Mimi was the Easter Bunny at the Member’s First Easter Egg Hunt so Jenny and I took Owen & Alex. The weather could have been better but the boys didn’t really seem to mind. They had more fun at home afterwards playing with one another. Can’t you tell these two are best buds from the last picture?

Future Slugger????

April 3, 2007

On Saturday my sister came down to visit and brought Alex’s t-ball set to play in the backyard with my dad. Well, Alex wanted nothing to do with it, but Owen LOVED it. Owen and his Grandpa Park had a blast playing t-ball. After he’d hit the ball he’d laugh and giggle so hard. It was adorable. I think we might have a future slugger in our family.

I’ve been promising my clients for what seems like forever that I’d have my website up “soon”. Well, I finally had to give myself a deadline of April 1st and I beat it with 1 hour to spare! The site went live at 11:00PM on March 31st!

After working on a design for weeks, I finally got it just the way I wanted it! It’s still a work in progress as far as adding content is concerned, but I’m happy with how the design of the site turned out. I did everything from scratch… the design, layout, coding, development, etc. I wish I could have had a little more finished from a content/product standpoint, but I needed to get something out there for my customers to see. Now that the design of the site is out of the way it’s time to work on adding more product and fine tuning the content. Take a peek. I hope you like it!